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Leather Phone Case With Dual Bank Card Slots

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Shenzhen NewSun Technology Co., Ltd. (NewSun Silicone Products Co., Ltd.) is a manufacturer established in 2007 with employees around 250, landed in 3000 square meters in Shenzhen, which is a modern factory dedicated in research, development, production and sales for silicone products. Our main products are: silicone gift, silicone protective cover, mobile device silicone accessory, silicone kitchenware,silicone tablewaresilicone household items, silicone parts and silicone adult toys etc. As a leading manufacturer of the customized silicone products, NewSun is specialized in all categories of silicone-made products, with holding the policy “customer is the first and service the fast” Newsun gained a nice reputation within their superior quality and favorable price. Up to now, 70% of Newsun business is from Australia,America and Europe, 30% is from Asia and domestic China, the company strength includes: * Expertise with hands on administrators, well trained technical staff members and proven managers, market-educated sales personnel familiar with new fashion trends and world-wide market needs and a motivated production line. * Be awarded the certificate for ISO9001:2000 * State-of-the-art design and manufacturing equipment to create and produce market-leading products accepted through the world. * We perform at a good price and high quality throughout the organization and strive for excellence. * With continuous research to the market products and designs on the products, Newsun believe in bringing to the world market new levels of comfort and innovations with more effort to services. NewSun is also a factory pays great concern on environmental protection and safety in production. There are systematic and meticulous guidelines in the treatment of possible pollutants discharged, as well as an effective management practice to ensure production safety. The company objective is to set up a green, environmental-friendly and harmonious factory and make more contribution to the society. Our reception desk Our machine operation team Our assembling team Our packing team Our QC department Our sales department Our meeting room Our exhibition roomLeather Phone Case With Dual Bank Card Slots website:http://www.siliconegadgetss.com/

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